So your trying to decide between our two different styles of tube and pipe benders. here are the main differences to help with your decision:

-The Speedwerx Model 1 Bender works in a vertical plane using a hydraulic or air over hydraulic bottle jack to provide the bending force. It will provide maximum bends up to approximately 115 degrees in one setup.

This type of bender does not draw the material through the die set, it has an aluminium follow bar that is drawn through with the material being bent, this is a great feature that helps to reduce marring of your material when being bent (especially aluminium).

We find working in the vertical plane to be very good when doing roll cage main hoops as it self supports.


-The Speedwerx Model 2 Bender works in a horizontal plane using either a manual ratcheting/leverage operation (your force is multiplied) or a hydraulic ram and pump to provide the bending force. It will provide bends up to approximately 180 degrees with multiple re-sets of the die set and drive arm.

It is a draw bender and the material is down through the backing block, it is usually a good practice to lubricate between the material and the backing block to minimise marring of your material. We also have available delrin/acetal backing blocks to further reduce any marring of soft materials like aluminium.


-Both Benders offer smooth bends that meet the requirements of motorsport governing bodies for specified reduction of diameter on bends when using the correct material and size/radius die set.

-When choosing between our Australian Made Benders and other imported brands , have a look at the availability of different size die sets and radiuses as most of them only offer a very basic range.

We have over 65 different die sizes and radiuses to suit Metric Tube , Imperial Tube , Pipe and SHS.