About Us

Speedwerx Racing Products is the leading Australian manufacturer and supplier of exceptional metal shaping and fabrication equipment. We cater for the needs of a diverse range of interest and user groups in motorsport, vehicle and motorcycle restoration, aircraft, marine, metal artisans, many industry and government sectors - to name just a few!

We are a well recognised and established supplier of quality metal shaping and fabrication products such as Tube benders, Tube Notchers, Bead Rollers and other workshop equipment and hand tools. We are continually ensuring our expanding reputation, here and overseas, is in the market forefront.

Speedwerx Racing Products offer enthusiasts and professionals alike the opportunity to own quality Australian made products complemented by carefully selected imported items, to be enjoyed and used for a lifetime of pleasure. We offer, with pride, the best possible equipment made or imported to our exacting standards, at prices that reflect the standard of our equipment.

As Speedwerx Racing Products is part of the Seldom Seen Group Pty Ltd in Picton NSW, we can now offer more advanced product development and refinement through computer design software “Solidworks”. All fabrication and machining work is carried out in house by our qualified trades people. New equipment prototyping, testing and manufacturing is high on our priority list, so we can continue to expand our range of products and remain as Australia’s primary vehicle fabrication and metal shaping products supplier.

Our commitment is to serving you as best we can with prompt, reliable, good old-fashioned no-nonsense service and build lasting customer relationships as we play our part in the metal shaping and fabrication arena.

Please call us, we're here to serve you and always happy to help, listen to your story and your feedback.

We thank you for your interest in our Australian Made Speedwerx Racing Products and trust your visit to our website is always a rewarding one.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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