Pipemaster Tools



The perfect tool for automotive, marine and industrial welding.Like any service business, quality welding is judged by your weld"s strength and appearance. For difficult angle welding, the contour and fit between the tubes determines both of these extremely important final results. PipeMaster_°° is the precision tool that allows you to precisely outline and cut tubing to the correct angle, ensuring the fit you need for a quality-finished weld. Popular tube and pipe sizes available.Please call to confirm availability or to order: sales@speedwerx.com.au, Tel 02 4677 1212.If you are unable to add to your cart it is currently out of stock.

Prices subject to change without notice.

  • Spring temper stainless steel pins
  • 6063 Aluminum inner shell
  • Rugged ABS housing
  • Layout complicated tube joints in seconds!
  • Simple to use! (Just press, transfer, and trace).
  • Extremely accurate! (Good fit means good welds)
  • Save time! (Eliminate recutting and grinding).
  • Eliminate wasted material!
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