Shot/Sand Bags



Panel Beater Bags/Shot Bags are needed to facilitate rough shaping (stretching) in conjunction with either a plastic or wood mallet. By striking the metal on the (filled) beater bag, it will give support yet yield enough to the blow so the metal stretches.

These bags are generally filled with bird shot or good quality sand and for best results they should not be overfilled. Follow the fill guidelines included with each bag. Your judgement, preference and job at hand will determine the best fill. Please note bags come unfilled.

Our Beater Bags are made of thick top grade cow hide for extended life and to produce a blemish-free metal surface.

An important feature of our bags compared to others is that they have a 25mm riser around the circumference so you can make use of the entire surface when forming. A reinforced Velcro seal is fitted to make for convenient filling.

Please call to confirm availability or to order:,
Tel 02 4677 1212. Prices subject to change without notice.

  • Made from thick top grade cow hide
  • 25mm riser around the circumference
  • Reinforced Velcro seal
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