Manual Roll Bender



Made in Australia by Speedwerx, this quality robust and portable roll bender is used for rolling tube, pipe, square tube, channel, flat bar sections and reinforcing rod into larger radius curves or bends rather than a much tighter fixed angle bend like on a tube bender.

Perfect for car, motorbike and aircraft builders with frame, chassis, exhaust fabrication applications. Ideal for architectural or building metalwork, concretors, handrails, boat rails, shop fitting, signage, artisans and sculptors, use on the job site or equally in the workshop.


Bender includes one roll set and detailed instructions. Roll sets consist of three rolls.

Custom rolls can be machined to your requirements. Please contact us for details.

Please call to confirm availability or to order:, Tel 02 4677 1212.
Prices subject to change without notice.

(Due to material and size variations, minimum radius dimensions are a general guide only)

  • Round tube 1 1/4" min radius 600mm to 2" min radius 1525mm.
  • Pipe 42.4mm min radius 750mm.
  • Square tube 25 x 25mm min radius 450mm, 35 x 35mm min radius 1100mm, 50 x 50mm min radius 1700mm.
  • Flat bar min radius 250mm.
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