M2 120° Square Tube Die Sets


M220x20 120

Model 2 120° Square Tube Die Sets

Die sets are 120 degree wrap and includes main die, follow bar, clamp and pin.

Other die sizes are available to special order. Please contact us for die sizes not listed.
Recommended wall thickness is .065" (1.6mm) to .083" (2.1mm) for mild steel and .120" (3.1mm) for stainless or aluminium. However the capacity is there to go to .120" (3.1mm) for mild steel provided an extra 0.02% width is ground out to allow for additional swelling of the thicker tube.

Important General Information

Note: All die sets also suit Pro-Tools MB 105 HD Bender.

For further product and warranty details, contact us.

Please call to confirm availability or to order: sales@speedwerx.com.au
Tel 02 4677 1212. Prices subject to change without notice.

  • Suitable for Model 2 Tube Bender
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