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Cleco Pliers

Cleco pliers are used to install plier activated temporary reusable fasteners such as Cleco fasteners and side grip clamps. The pliers are made of forged steel and nickel plated. Made in Taiwan.

Cleco Fasteners

Plier activated spring loaded steel Cleco fasteners are used repeatedly for securing steel sheets/panels together to ensure exact panel lay-up before tack welding, riveting or fixing together. Made In USA .

Available in four popular sizes

Cleco fastener 3/32" (silver colour), hole size 3/32" (2.38mm), max grip range 1/4"

Cleco fastener 1/8" (copper colour), hole size 1/8"(3.175mm), max grip range 1/4".

Cleco fastener 5/32" (black colour), hole size 5/32"(3.96mm), max grip range 1/4"

Cleco fastener 3/16" (brass colour), hole size 3/16"(4.76mm), max grip range 1/4".

NOTE: Product finishes may vary from that shown.

Cleco Side Grip Clamps

Plier activated, these sturdy reusable clamps are intended to hold sheet or panel edges together for welding, trimming, fixing etc.
Cleco side grip clamp 1" jaw depth, 1" max grip range.

    Cleco Fasteners

    • Available in 4 sizes

    Cleco Side Grip Clamps

    • Sturdy and reusable
    • Plier activated
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