Bender Accessories



Speedwerx offer a range of tube bender accessories designed to make your bending projects easier. Simply a must for the tube bender kit!

Bender Stand

For best convenience and functionality, use a stand!

Rotation Angle Bracket

Utilising the magnetic base of our angle protractor/angle finders, this handy little gadget can easily be rotated around the tube or pipe for instance as reference for another plane of bend.

Digital Inclinometer/Angle Finder Model PRO 360-5415)

Used in a wide variety of applications in woodworking, metal fabrication, auto industry, machine/tooling, construction industry, this quality, easy to use and very accurate digital inclinometer or angle finder is a must in any workshop or toolbox!

200mm Digital Protractor (Model 5414-200)

This highly accurate quality precision made 200mm long digital swivel type protractor is great for all fabrication work, for measuring between planes and setting up machines. A fine compliment to the digital inclinometer!

M2 Tube Bender Stand features:

  • Fully welded steel stand, 800mm high
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