Bead Roller Tube Beading Roll Set



Speedwerx tube beading roll set is suitable for all of our bead rollers.

Will roll beads into tubing made of alloy , copper , steel , chromoly and stainless steel down to 13.5mm inside diameter and 76mm plus with wall thickness up to 1.6mm , the roll set has a small and a large beading mandrel on the one roll.

Ideal for intercooler and radiator plumbing and fluid transfer tubing were a bead is needed for added security to stop hoses blowing off.

The pictured samples are 25mm aluminium 1.6mm wall and 76mm 304 stainless steel with a 1.6mm wall.

-Large Mandrel Min ID 34.1mm to Max 76mm + ,1.6mm max steel ,2mm max Aluminium.

-Small Mandrel Min ID 13.5mm to Max 34mm , 1.2mm Steel , 1.6mm Aluminium.


Please see these 2 short videos of these being rolled.

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