Tube Bender Model 2 HD Black Electric Hydraulic



Speedwerx Model 2 HD Black Tube Bender with Electric hydraulic actuation is designed and manufactured in Australia by Speedwerx Racing Products. This version of the Model 2 bender offers a "no sweat" approach to doing repetitious or one off bending whilst still maintaining exceptional bend quality which surpasses the requirements for CAMS and ANDRA specification rollcages. Designed predominately for vehicle chassis builders this bender is now used by many different industries such as automotive, marine, aeronautical and general fabrication. This option of bender is a quiet alternative to the air hydraulic version and also offers a quicker extension of the ram.

The Model 2 Electric Hydraulic bender has an extensive range of die sets available both in 240 and 120 degree die options. Delrin backing blocks are also available as an option if you are doing work on soft materials and need to minimise the chance of marking the material.

If comparing our benders to others remember that Speedwerx Racing Products have the largest range of die sets available, along with spare parts and technical support.

We also offer free* shipping in Australia on orders over $250.

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Model 2 Electric Hydraulic Demo Video 


Complete bender ( excluding dies )

Electric 2HP 15A 240v motor and hydraulic pump in steel cabinet / Stand

Hose with quick connect coupling

Speedwerx manufactured ram which allows 2 shot 90 degree bends or 3 shot 180 degree bends

Degree Ring

Assembly instructions 

Die sets not included priced separately. See Model 2 Die Sets or click here.

For further product details, call (02) 4677 1212.

    • Electric Hydraulic Actuation ,Single Acting Spring Return
    • 2HP 240V Electric motor
    • Pendant hand held controller
    • Bends up to 21/2" tube  4mm Wall and 50nb Pipe (60.3mm) heavy wall 
    • Upgraded Bisalloy drive arms for heavy wall large diameter bending work
    • 4140 pins
    • Capable of bending up to 180 degrees with appropriate die set
    • Steel bearing for centre pivot pin and main die
    • Bends tube, pipe and square tube with appropriate die sets
    • Dura black powder coat finish
    • Bender , Ram and Cabinet Made in Australia 

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